Welcome to Paper City Brewing Company

Back in 1980 when Congress passed a law making home brewing legal, Jay Hebert, founder of Paper City Brewery, Co., Inc. began brewing beer for his personal consumption. At that time this hobby was quite unique. Jay knew then he would someday like to own a brewery and bring the beer industry back to Holyoke. In 1995 this dream came true. Jay, at this time, owned an old manufacturing warehouse on Cabot Street in Holyoke. He soon incorporated the Paper City Brewery, Co., Inc. From here the wheels were in motion, Jay spent most of his time in transforming the fifth floor of the warehouse into a functional, federally and state approved, micro-brewery. Under the supervision of head brewer Rick Quackenbush the brewery put out its first brew of Holyoke Dam Ale in November of 1996.

Today, Paper City Brewery continues to grow with the addition of a new Head Brewer Ben Anhalt, Assistant Brewer, Jason Todd and an additional flagship beer, Ireland Parish Golden Ale. We have also brewed various seasonal ales such as Winter Palace Wee Heavy and Cabot Street Summer Wheat.

If you live near by, or plan to be in the area, please visit Paper City Brewery Co., Inc. We will be happy to show you how and where the brewing process takes place.

Open House is Thursday and Friday, 6-8pm